IMG_1578 Ju Oak “Jade” Kim is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychology and Communication at Texas A&M International University.  Kim’s research interests include global communication, media industries, media production, public media, and popular culture with a particular focus on East Asia. She earned her Ph.D. in Media and communication from Temple University.

Her current research is to examine television production as a social practice of globalization, which generates trans-local hybridization in popular culture and establishes intra-regional relationships in media flows. Through observing behind-the-screen operations of the Korean television and popular music industries, she focuses on the process through which local actors position themselves as centers in the global culture industry. This research project uncovers how production culture, which is contextualized by Korea’s social structure, history, geography, and economy, yields a particular form of cultural globalization.

Prior to studying at Temple, Kim was a television writer at the Korean Broadcasting System and the Korean Education Broadcasting System, content producer at the Samsung Economic Research Institute, and media consultant at the Korea Society.  In addition, she is an award-winning novelist who has published six short novels in Korean newspapers and literary journals, including the Seoul National University News (1999), Chosun Ilbo (2001), and Modern Literature (2001).

Kim received her bachelor’s degrees in Korean Language Education and Communication, and master’s degree in Communication from Seoul National University.  She also earned her M.F.A. degree in Television Production from Brooklyn College, the City University of New York.  She is the recipient of the Global Korea Scholarship from the National Institute for International Education, funded by the Korean government (2010-2012).

In 2016-2018, Kim serves as the student and early scholar representative of the Global Communication and Social Change Division in the International Communication Association.

Kim can be reached at juoak.kim@tamiu.edu.

Photo by Joo, Harin